RadChips, Inc.


Here are some examples of projects developed by RadChips:

Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter:
Designed frequency synthesized UHF transmitter for integration with microcontroller. This was an early RF design for CMOS integration.

Example 1
UHF ASK Receiver:
Re-designed existing bipolar device into logic CMOS process. A significant size reduction resulted with no change in basic performance.

Example 2
Optical Mouse Sensor:
Developed system theory and core design for a very low power optical mouse chip. This chip includes an image sensor with pixel-plane analog processing, post-processing logic and microcontroller interfaces.

Example 3
Organic TFT RFID Tag:
Managed team of designers in development of a novel,
extremely low-cost organic TFT-based HF RFID tag. The project included process development support such as design rule development, device modeling and detailed device analysis. Circuit development led to a significant number of patent applications.
Example 4
High Voltage Switch Matrix:
Developed high voltage GPIB/USB/Ethernet controlled custom switch matrix for advanced semiconductor testing.
Example 5
Integrated Baseband Filter for Multi-Standard Receiver:
Developed baseband filter cell to support multiple communications standards from UHF up to 6 GHz operation. This circuit optimizes SFDR and includes an automatic tuning system. This is one of many such circuits developed at RadChips.
Example 6
Mobile DVB TV Tuner:
Developed advanced mobile TV tuner direct-conversion front-end cells from RF input to baseband output. Advanced fractional frequency synthesis techniques were used to achieve exceptional phase noise performance. Power reduction strategies such as tunable RF circuits, SFDR and SNR optimization with signal level and filter phase equalization were used.
Example 7
Zero-C Active Probe:
Developed a zero input capacitance, low-leakage high-voltage active probe for organic TFT measurements. The device operates as an electrometer front-end for oscilloscope measurements and minimizes disruption to circuits utilizing low-mobility transistors.
Example 8